10.1' FPV Monitor Built-in Dual 32CH Receiver For FPV System
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10.1' FPV Monitor Built-in Dual 32CH Receiver For FPV System
  • Remember how complicated it was when you want to do the FPV flying or aerial filming?
  • Due to the lack of standard in communication protocol, difference of regulations among
  • countries, normally we can only purchase those anonymous devices on some online
  • shops without knowing its actual performance or compatibility with your own devices. A
  • waste of time and money trail & error process seems to be a needed way for every
  • hobbyist and photographer. Also, you have to take care those tangled wires, better plugs,
  • etc, every time you fly. !
  • This 10.1” Monitor with built-in dual 32CH receiver is just the one to simplify your loading,
  • the wires, battery, and FPV receiver are arranged inside the main unit, from out side you
  • will only see the antennas and the AV output wire. When mounting it upon your transmitter,
  • it’s clean and neat as a professional use ground station.! !
  • Except the look, the built-in dual 32CH receiver plays an important role while doing FPV. A
  • durable, stable, long range 5.8G Tx/Rx will save your precious devices. No more
  • complicated setting and binding procedures needed, press the “Search” button then the
  • system will search the transmitter automatically. Also, as it’s a “Dual” 5.8G receiver, it can
  • work simultaneously or separately, which means you can either setup 2 FPV transmitters
  • and doing realtime transfer to another one due to your mission, or just setup one
  • transmitter and the receiver will automatically select a channel with better signal reception
  • for best image taken and flight safety. Therefore, this new 10.1” FPV monitor brought you
  • not only a clean & neat look but also better signal reception for ensuring you FPV mission
  • can be accomplished safe and sound.!
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display
  • Ideal for use with FPV
  • HDMI input
  • No "Blue Screen" caused by weak signal input
  • 1366 x 768 High Definition Display
  • LED Backlight
  • 16:9 Display Ratio
  • 8ms Response Time
  • 500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 9~15V DC Input Voltage Range
  • Foldable Screen Shroud for outdoor use included
  • Panel Size: 10.1 inch
  • Panel Type: TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 1366x768
  • Input Resolution up to: 1920x1440
  • Backlight: LED
  • Horizontal Frequency Range: 30~98kHz
  • Field Frequency Range: 60~75Hz
  • Display Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 250cd/m
  • Contrast Ratio: 500:1
  • Response Time: 8ms
  • Viewing Angle: 70/70 (L/R) 40/50 (U/D)
  • Input Voltage: DC 9~15V
  • Power Consumption: ? 6W
  • Working Temperature: -20C ~ 50C
  • Storage Temperature: -30C ~ 65C
  • Dimensions: 255 x 162 x 38mm
  • Weight: 1040g
  • Monitor hood x1
  • The power supply x1
  • antenna x2