Customer-centered, Precise and timely service, Plenty of product selections, Competitive priced, these are key beliefs Flying-Hobby relies on since started our business in HK. In 2003, Flying-Hobby became the one and only importer of Lipo batteries in HK, and has been striving hard for the implementing and introducing the latest quality parts and accessories to RC.

Most employees at Flying-Hobby are modellers themselves which know exactly what RC people need, and specialized in various subjects as well as engineering, product design, logistic, website development and maintenance. We gather latest RC news, broadcast and refresh the Flying-Hobby blog daily, in order to provide our customers the newest information. At the same time we keep working hard to include those valued products in our product line for enhancing purchasing experience you have at our website.

Passion for RC, enthusiastic customer service and support, focusing on quality RC products, by these can we gradually expand our global scale and collaborate with worldwide dealers, distributors, end-users, and factories. Though it’s still a long way to go, we never forget our aspirations when stepping in RC business, in reward for all the helps and supports from our customers and suppliers ever since.

Customer-centered Service

Flying-Hobby has a strong CRM system, following up global orders precisely. We deliver quality RC products to over 80 countries, offer safe and fast options of delivery, Registered Airmail (RA), Express Mail Speedpost (EMS), FedEx and DHL Express. 

Also we provide timely support for making sure all your inquires are answered. With the Online Live support offered, your question about orders, products, or technical issues will be solved easily. 

For detailed inquires or technical support, we recommend you to contact us by email. Your mails will be answered within one working day without any delay.


Plenty of Product Selection

Flying-Hobby is the official distributor/dealer for many famous brands, DJI, Align, FUTABA, JR, SAB, Scorpion, Mikado, GAUI, etc, and still ongoing to search more valued products for fulling your unique needs, keeping you always looking cool in front of other flight club members.

For our dealer network, as the market changes quickly all the time, having strong and newest products to your business will certainly keep you competitive among other competitors. Flying-Hobby is definitely the reliable one you can trust and will bring your business to the next level.


Competitive Priced

As located in the center of global logistic and trading, Hong Kong, and is nearby many manufacturers, Flying-Hobby benefits from its lower logistic cost, and reward this saving directly to our dealers and customers. 

Periodically we hold special promotions, such as Crazy Deals or Special Combos. We believe our promotions held will met your expectations, stay tuned with our website and blog for more crazy deals. 

Also as always we will keep searching good products, hopefully there will be more people joining the RC world with us, and enjoy your daily life with Flying-Hobby.